Franco-German Jubilee Treaty of Friendship • Download De Kuip’s Classics

Franco-German Jubilee Treaty of Friendship • Download De Kuip’s Classics


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good morning! Today, German Chancellor Schulz comes to Paris to celebrate the anniversary of the friendship pact signed by the two countries in 1963, with French President Macron. In De Kuip, Feyenoord and Ajax play against each other. The classic was additionally loaded, because Steven Bergwiss returned with a full quip for the first time since his move from Feyenoord to Ajax.

First, the weather: the day is mostly cloudy, only in the west the sun rises every now and then. There will be some snow or sleet in South Limburg in the morning and afternoon. It will be between 2 and 4 degrees. For the next few days, the weather will be calm winter with lots of clouds and occasionally some sun.

Weather Square

What do you expect today?

  • The annual consultations between the governments of France and Germany take place in Paris. The meeting will mark the 60th anniversary of the friendship treaty the two countries concluded in 1963 to bury the hatchet after centuries of rivalry. The heads of government, Macron and Scholz, will hold a press conference afterwards.
  • Feyenoord will welcome Ajax to De Kuip at 2.30pm for a new edition of the Classic. This classic game has been extra loaded, as it is the first time that Steven Bergus has returned with a full quipped since his move from Feyenoord to Ajax. Rotterdam are leading roughly halfway through the season and are five points ahead of Ajax, who are third behind AZ. The match can be followed via a live blog on and via along the line On NPO Radio 1.
  • And more sport: Today there is skiing in Alkmaar for the Marathon Cup. The women’s match (1.30pm) can be watched live on TV and online This live broadcast. The men start at 2.45pm and can be followed on This live broadcast.
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What did you miss?

The FBI has more classified documents as they search the home of US President Biden I find it. This was announced by Biden’s lawyer. These are six documents from the period when Biden was vice president and from his time in the Senate, when he represented Delaware.

In addition to the documents, diaries from the time of his deputy were also confiscated. It is not clear how sensitive the contents of the documents are and whether they are kept secret. More than a week ago, classified documents were found in the Biden home library and garage. Before that, it was announced that confidential papers had been found in Biden’s private office in Washington.

Other news of the night:

Then this:

Chinese New Year was celebrated in The Hague on Saturday afternoon. And Anil Bhagol and Joanne Peters join the show:

This is what the Chinese New Year looked like for Anil and Goan

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