Open | “It’s a tennis match, I’m not fighting for my life here” – Coco Gauff

Although the numbers indicated otherwise, she had to go deep to beat compatriot Bira. “It was a tough match. She kept hitting hard and I had a hard time staying upright. Last year it went a long time without a loss, so I knew it was tough to beat. So I’m very happy to be down to week two,” she tells Jelena. Dokic then on the track.

Despite the fact that Goff is known to be an amazing talent, she can hardly feel any pressure on herself. She is also not overly nervous before a competition. “It’s just a tennis match. I’m not here to fight for my life. The worst that can happen is that I lose. In that case, I’ll try again next time.”

Open | Coco Gauff qualified for the last 16 after defeating compatriot Bernarda Pera

Australian Open Championship

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Human rights and TikTok

She also asked the eighteen-year-old American Dokic about her fight for human rights. “I’m a human being first and then a tennis player. I was raised with the message that it’s important to speak out. And I also have a platform for that. I’m proud of that and always will.”

Gough laughed when she answered a question about her TikTok videos and the role her parents play in them. “My mom is our best dancer. My dad is so bad. But I think videos are going viral because of him, haha.”

stay calm

In The Cube, Gauff is admired by Eurosport pundits, not only for her game, but also for the interview she just gave. “Coco is so refreshing,” said Mats Wilander. “She’s only eighteen and is seen as a successor to the Williams sisters. Yet she feels no pressure. Still absolutely gorgeous.”

Tim Henman agrees. “She radiates so much fun. Then she will automatically play better. We need ambassadors for this sport and she is like no other. Children see her play and talk. It creates a very positive image.”

Open | “Coco Gauff is so refreshing, when it can feel a lot of pressure” – The Cube

under control

Barbara Chet explains in detail the match against Berra. “She has everything under control all the time. I think she’s very happy with the way she plays. And let’s not forget that she also competes in doubles.”

“That could be an advantage,” Hinman thought. “She comes to the net a lot. Something she feels comfortable with because of the doubles. She’s strong, athletic and in good shape. On top of that, she’s confident. It won’t be easy to beat her.”

Gauff will meet Gezyna Ostapenko in the eighth final. The Latvian player is in 17th place. In the third round she defeated Katerina Bendel of Ukraine in straight sets (6-3, 6-0).

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Australian Open Championship

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Australian Open Championship

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