Microsoft is under a lot of criticism for the “Buy now, pay later” option in Edge – Computer – News

That’s right, many stores also do “Buy now, pay later! 0% interest!!” with fine print “provided you pay on time” and let this kind of service now be used mainly by the very bad at it : X Marketing is really aimed at these people in a “Look!! You can afford it, don’t worry” way.

I think this is just as bad (and the fact that it’s happening elsewhere doesn’t justify Microsoft’s behavior), but this is about a browser that serves those services for purchases where the supplier doesn’t choose to do so.

I’d all be with a ban on offering financing arrangements for joint products (say anything but a house or a car). It attracts a lot of people who can not handle it. I also saw it when I was working in computer stores in the ’90s…it was so pathetic at times, I saw people plunge so deeply into debt.

By the way, we already have some objections in the Netherlands: for example, people who are undergoing debt restructuring should be barred from these types of services. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop them from coming back to it later.

But I think that the stores that do this is a very different story than a browser that should only be a channel.

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