Microsoft is making chatbots smarter and more accessible to everyone

Microsoft is making chatbots smarter and more accessible to everyone

Microsoft’s Bing Chat has been available for several months, but only to a limited group of users. now Company reports Anyone can test the chatbot, as long as they sign in with a Microsoft account.

The chatbot can also provide a more clear answer to your questions. Previously, each question was answered with paragraphs of text, but now you can also watch an explanation video, or a map or graph, for example. This gives Bing Chat more ways to explain something to you.

more integrated

Bing Chat is also more tightly integrated into the Edge web browser. Where you previously had to start a conversation over and over again, Edge now remembers previous conversations. As a result, you can also ask questions at any time about something you started talking about earlier.

The chatbot will be opened up to third-party app makers and developers. This allows them to create integrations that can make the search bot smarter. Microsoft also talks about a large laundry list of small improvements, such as an easier sharing function and support for more than a hundred languages ​​when creating an image.


Bing Chat is built on top of GPT-4, OpenAI’s artificial intelligence. This system analyzed large amounts of data from the internet to figure out how to provide intelligent answers to your questions.

The collaboration between OpenAI and Microsoft has recently caused panic at Google, the main competitor of Microsoft’s search engine. This company will now be serious about building AI jobs that should outpace Bing. These new AI features from Google may be unveiled at the developer conference Google I/O on May 10th.

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