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In the past, a game was only “finished” when you bought it and you could play it as it was (think snes, N64, and Gamecube). why not now?

– Because people like to play multiplayer game and the manufacturer needs to patch to fix cheaters and unexpected network errors.
– Because there were errors in the games that can’t be fixed (Twilight princess on Wii) and we don’t accept that anymore.
– Because making games is so expensive that you first want to put up a limited range for sale and expand it if the game catches up (Stardew Valley, etc.)
– Because after the release of a game, the release of new functions is a positive thing
– Because after the game is released, selling new jobs earns money
– Because the deadlines are so tight that the game was not perfect at the time of release
– Because developers want to see what people are doing in games so that they can improve any tricky points in terms of difficulty and people have more fun with the game.

But most importantly:
Because a lot of people just look at what they’re doing Currently Not what will be left of it after 10 years. Games and consoles with online functionality sell just fine, so there’s little reason to consider a few people who want to keep things forever.

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