Internal Google document: ‘We’re in danger of losing the AI ​​race to open source’

Internal Google document: ‘We’re in danger of losing the AI ​​race to open source’

A developer from Google warns of this. He wrote a critical analysis for internal use, but the reports, among other things, were leaked bloomberg.

“We keep looking over our shoulders at OpenAI. Who gets to the next level? And what’s next?” Google engineer Luke Sernau wrote. “But the painful truth is, we can’t win this arms race, and neither can OpenAI. While we’re fighting, a third party is creeping away from our bones.”

Additionally, Cernau says he’s talking about open source developers. They make software in which everyone is free to view and improve the code further. This way everyone can work together on new, better updates.


Many open source projects will already be ahead of what Google and OpenAI are doing. The program can already run natively on smartphones, while on your laptop you can customize the artificial intelligence yourself. Open source AI can also be trained faster.

“Our AI models are still a bit ahead in terms of quality, but the difference is closing quickly,” said the engineer. “Open-source models are faster, more customizable, more privacy-friendly, and more capable. And they build things in weeks, not months.”

Bad scenario

This paints a bleak scenario for Google, for which it does not see an easy solution. Sernau maintains that Google has no “secret sauce” that can make its AI better than those made by other humans, leaving the company without an edge over the rest. “All we can do is learn and collaborate with others outside of Google.”

The battle of artificial intelligence between tech giants

Tech giants are increasingly relying on artificial intelligence. Microsoft Bing recently acquired a chatbot with OpenAI technology, which provides intelligent, contextual answers to your questions. Microsoft has already invested billions in OpenAI. Then Google created the AI ​​chatbot Bard.

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Meanwhile, concerns are growing about the dangers of AI, for example about the spread of disinformation and possible job losses. On Thursday, top tech company executives met with the US government at the White House about their responsibility to keep technology safe.

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