Max reveals what the “emergency” is from her letter to Martin

Mexx shared a photo with Martin on Instagram this week, including several negative reactions. “You make a show for the viewers, we sympathize with you.” Then we see intense events related to a message, we sympathize with you again and after a few days everything is cake and egg. Are we being deceived? Looks, among other things.

Someone else writes: “It’s a big charade with you both. A few weeks’ adventure in that shed. Now pretend you’re the perfect couple. Max took his dream and his future out of him by forcing him out of that warehouse.”

Now the prominent participant in the reality show explains her work in more detail. “After Martin got home, we first chose to give Martin a quiet place together and enjoy the reunion. Thanks for your respect for this,” Mix begins. “At the warehouse, we had a lot of conversations about how we experienced our adventure and agreed that we really won. We both found love and beautiful friendships.” She looks back at the moment she had to leave the program after her Anger explosion. “This was very difficult for us. At that moment, Martin wanted to leave the program with me to be there for me, I made it clear that this wasn’t necessary and I wanted him to continue his adventure. We then agreed that if not, things went well with me in the end. And I would like to share with him in this matter.

And that’s what happened. Mix describes how hard it is for her to lose Martin, despite the love of her family, friends and followers. So heavy that last week I realized I wasn’t feeling anything anymore and didn’t even want to leave my house. Focused on my 24/7 live stream, I knew if it went on like this for another 5.5 months at the end, I’d be So bad I would lose myself, I knew if Martin came home after so long and found out I felt that way, he’d be really upset because he couldn’t be there for me. It’s really hard to see your partner sitting in a cabin and thinking I’m okay.”

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This is why Max decides to write the letter. After a few weeks, I decided Martin was finally entitled to know what I was really doing (as agreed). Handling my events while I was involved of course is not separate from this, I will now continue this process and it will be okay in the end. Especially with Martin’s support. No I want to delve into this matter, I hope for your understanding.” Mix asserts that Martin also believes she made the right decision and therefore does not blame her.

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