Schimmelpenninck on Today Inside criticism: ‘Van der Gijp is the problem’

Sander Schimmelbenik thinks there is one problem inside today This is René van der Gyp. According to him, there was no substantive conversation with the familiar face of the talk show. Schimmelpenninck has occasionally been a guest on the show and it was heard on Thursday that he was no longer welcome on the show.

On Thursday’s broadcast there was a lot of criticism of Schimmelpenninck. According to Dirksen, he would be an “arrogant Smurf” and look down on people. “Then Dirksen pretends he doesn’t remember your name,” Schimmelpenninck begins Core botcast by rehab. “Of course I found it very entertaining. It’s a show that makes a splash and to be honest it wasn’t a complete surprise. I’ve been there three times and behind the scenes you get things that not everyone gets. The biggest problem with the show is Renee van der Gip. Renee van der Gip He can’t handle the level. He’s a left-back. You have to give the ball away from time to time. And everyone thinks: Why was this guy recruited?”

Behind the scenes, they also have trouble engaging Van der Gijp in conversation at the table. “Then you hear all these editors all the time saying how can we get Renee involved. We also have to give Renee a little bit of a ball. And I notice that. When he comes to something on the table, he falls over. Then you see he looks up at the ceiling and at one point he pulls off a helmet with a dildo.” nodded his head and then said, “Yeah, dammit, dammit, haha.”I think he’s a nice guy and he has really comedic qualities, but you only notice when it turns into serious conversation, and I dealt with serious topics there, especially with Dirksen, and then he walked away. It just doesn’t work. in the table, so I already understood that.”

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cocky smurf
The guys call Schimmelpenninck a “smug Smurf” at the table, but it doesn’t really matter to him. “They see it on Twitter and then I have to laugh so hard at it. Because of course it’s just a sign of weakness.”

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