Matthijs van Nieuwkerk en Ismail Ilgun

Matisse van Neukirk slapped his fingers: ‘Really worthless’

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk received a big slap on Dennis Schouten’s fingers. He finds it “unhelpful” that the talk show host has given such a big stage to former bully vlogger Ismail Elgon.


Ismail Elgon made the national media in 2016 a notorious bully vlogger from the Zaandam. However, the media immediately saw great talent in this street boy and Matisse van Neukirk was also excited: he gave Ismail a big stage on his talk show De Wereld Draait Door. All these years later, that still annoys Dennis Scotten in a big way.

Matisse is under fire

He tells Dennis on the Veronica Superguide that he really thought this was a mistake on Matthijs. People say: A boy like that deserves a second chance. But what is his first chance then? This man would not have reached what he is today had he not been the first to terrorize the shopping center in Poelenburg with his friends.”

Dennis thinks you shouldn’t give bully bloggers a stage at all. “I think rewarding that with a place on TV is a really worthless cue for men who behave normally.”

I’ve never seen it

By the way, Dennis has to admit that he “never saw the door of de Verild Dreit.” “Mattis is definitely not a bad presenter and has a weird style, but he really radiates the elite in Amsterdam. You don’t just come across him at FEBO, so to speak. And now those new shows…no thanks.”

He also found “his haircut is of course no burm”. “He must have huge bays, but they’re not noticeable because of that huge hair. Oh, he’s got floppy ears? Yeah, you could just go to the doctor for that, right? A friend of mine did that too: just put a bandage around him and you’re done, sack, Nothing exciting about it.”

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