Blu-ray Marvel Studios movie “Eternals” contains a lot of deleted scenes

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release home eternity It will be held early next year. In the US you can buy the movie from February 15th. Marvel Studios revealed today what we can expect new in the Home Edition.

It turns out there were a lot of extra scenes out there that not all made it to the final version. While the movie was already one of the MCU’s longest running movies with a running time of 2 hours 26 minutes.

Lots of deleted scenes

All these scenes have been added:

[u]gravity[/u]: Fastos and Jack having a conversation that leads to a breakthrough.

[u]nostalgia[/u]: Sprite and McCurry talk about humanity as they look at the ruins of Babylon.

[u]Movies[/u]Gilgamesh and Kengo bond over the movies, crossing the Amazon with the rest of the team.

[u]short talk[/u]: Sprite confronts Dane at the museum about his interaction with Sersi.

and more

Then there is more supplementary material:

[u]My voice[/u]: Of course, you can watch the movie with the voiceover by Chloe ChowStefan Ceretti and Martin Larson.

[u]Khalida[/u]: Phase 4 launches the MCU into the universe with the Eternals. In this documentary, the film studio delves into the reasons why the heroes are portrayed.

[u]Ways of life[/u]: eternity Reveals a very diverse group of superheroes. The cast reacts to getting involved in the film.

[u]gag reel[/u]: Lots of fun behind the scenes moments.

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