Master painters Argin and Adrian have new works on show

Master painters Argin and Adrian have new works on show

In Episode 3, Dion visits studios around Holland to see how creative Holland is at working with Venus, Jupiter and Mercury work. Principal animators Arjan and Adrian are also involved. They attempted to paint the painting as it must have left Vermeer’s studio by that time. A difficult task, because who will make the Disappearer work as the Grand Master intended? All participants are assisted on their way and evaluated by Pieter Roelofs and Abbie Vandivere.

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Senior illustrators Arjan and Adrian

Master painters Arjan van Gent of The Hague and Adrian de Wolf of Amsterdam paint Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. Who are these illustrators and why are they involved New Vermeer?

All about Arjen and Adriaan

Online gallery

There is more Vermeer! In the Vermeer Room you can discover more about the life and work of De Grootmeester. In the online gallery, the works of the free category of Episodes 1, 2 and 3 can be studied with extreme precision!

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Want to start on your own?

Do you want, like the artists on the programme, to start with the disappearing works of Johannes Vermeer? Watch the master class that belongs to Episode 3 here.

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Sage beetrootin The new Vermeer podcast Many podcasters are doing a personal translation of one of the 6 long lost Vermeers. In Episode 3 it’s the turn of podcaster Wisse Beets. “My lost work depicts a scene from Roman mythology. It is about the myth of Psyche. A story we still know today in a more modern guise: Snow White.”

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Additional series online

For the additional online series, 4 diverse creative minds are inspired by Vermeer’s famous work. They get to work with contemporary creativity. Meanwhile, Jörgen Tjon A Fong dives into Delft, looking for Vermeer’s footprints.

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