These are the biggest influencers on TikTok at the moment;  Dutch "Scottsreality" has 36 million followers

These are the biggest influencers on TikTok at the moment; Dutch “Scottsreality” has 36 million followers

tik tok It’s becoming more and more popular these days and that means more influencers are emerging out of nowhere. These TikTok stars have claimed millions of followers, and they’ve made their fame by creating short videos in which they lip-sync with sonic stings, show viral dances and create skits that have been shared thousands of times.

No reveal a report from team waiver The biggest local influencers and content creators on TikTok.

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These are the best influencers on TikTok

Lauren Gray From the United States is at number one in the ranking of the most successful TikTok makers with 54.1 million followers. The influencer, who was originally famous for her popular lip-syncing videos at the time musicallyNow she has built her successful music career, as well as a huge fan base on TikTok.

Burak Ozdemir, a chef from Turkey is the second biggest star on TikTok analyzed, with 48.4 million followers in second place. The influencer is known for his videos in which he creates his favorite dishes and also owns a successful restaurant chain.

Ranked 3rd among the most popular TikTok creators BTS, a boy group from Korea with 42,200,000 followers. The world-renowned seven-member pop group uses the TikTok platform to share snippets of upcoming songs, as well as behind-the-scenes videos of their dance routines and fun antics they perform along the way.

Below you will find the full list:

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from Dutch soil

The Netherlands is also on the list. No. 7 influential’Scotts realismWith 36 million followers and around 760 million likes, he is the most popular TikTokker in the Netherlands. He makes English-language videos in which he, among other things, crumbles things in a mortar and then shapes them into a ball.

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