YouTuber Yvonne Coldeweijer thinks he knows for sure: “André Hazes is having fun with Amsterdam Ann Rose” |  show

YouTuber Yvonne Coldeweijer thinks he knows for sure: “André Hazes is having fun with Amsterdam Ann Rose” | show

Hazes’ life is not calm at the moment and this is evident from the rumors that have been circulating in recent months. After his split from Monique Westenberg, the singer found love with Sarah Van Solen this year, but these two have now relationship break. According to Van Soelen, it’s indisputable, but André basically needs to rest, now that he’s suffering from exhaustion. “There is no other role. Our conversation was difficult, but reasonable. There was no screaming and no dramatic events.”

A few days after Van Solen’s statement Hazes suddenly deleted all his love photos With her from Instagram. It was astonishing as he bombarded his followers with photos and videos of himself with Van Solen before he withdrew from public life in September. Sarah has also now removed most of her and the singer’s shots.

Although Van Soelen states that the two are a rest time Yvonne Coldeweiger believes that Hazes has found love with Amsterdam Ann Rose, a good friend of Rosanna Kluivert’s son. “It’s been happening at Vinkeveen for a while now that André has been having a lot of fun with Anne Rose lately,” she said in her video. Andre, his mother Rachel, and Ann Rose had also done Christmas shopping together in Amstelveen. Coldeweiger shares a photo of that moment on her Instagram Stories. Additionally, the YouTuber claims that Rachel agreed to a brunette and that Ann Rose was going to visit Andre recently when Rachel wasn’t home.

And there are more updates: Hazes is even going on a love trip to London with Anne Rose in early January. “And I have proof,” Caldwire wrote in her Instagram Stories.

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Hazes himself has yet to respond to the rumors that are currently circulating.

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