Marianne puts Ed in the friend zone at B&B Vol Liefde: “They must remain good friends”

Marianne puts Ed in the friend zone at B&B Vol Liefde: “They must remain good friends”

Olof and Ed get herbs from Marian’s garden. Olof is interested in Ed and Marian’s next date. “do you want that?” he asks cautiously. Ed replied, “Yes, absolutely.” “We’ve been a group for a long time, so it’s so much fun being single now. And you don’t bother me for a while,” he jokes.

Then Ed and Marian get ready for the date. She likes his clothes. “Okay, look at this. Hey,” she says as he enters. “Very beautiful”. Ed is also pleasantly surprised by Marian’s appearance for the date.

Marianne realizes that he loves her very much. “I think Ed wants to go faster than me, but it’s not possible at the moment. I don’t want to hear that either. Just build slowly.” Of course you should tell him that. It doesn’t beat around the bush. “I want to make it clear to you: We’re going to have to be good friends for a while and get to know each other a little better in the future. I’ll come to you sometime, if you like. So build a little.”

Marianne Is Not Hottie Ed. “You don’t fall hopelessly in love overnight. So it’s not like that, but we’ll work on it.” Ed takes it positively. “Incredibly nice to hear that you want to get to know me better and spend time together.” Marian again makes it clear that she’s not jumping straight into the deep end. “Please take it easy.”

Ed hopes there will be more feelings in the future. “I understand there’s a lot going on in that pretty face of hers. She’ll soon feel more peace when some things come to an end. Then we’ll see how or what.”

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What Marianne doesn’t know is that a new guy, Tom, has arrived at her B&B. “I look through the side window and think: No, what is there?” She says of her first eye contact with Tom. “He was the last candidate.” He was immediately impressed by Marianne. “So beautiful, yeah really. The other end too, these two. I immediately feel at home.”

Marianne is already looking forward to the next time. “Very funny. I think it’s just going to be a TV series with this guy.”

You can see how this soap lasts every workday B&B with love at 8:30 pm on RTL 4 and in Videoland.

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