Måneskin records a particularly popular fact on the British charts

Måneskin notes a particular success in the British charts

Måneskin records a particularly popular fact on the British charts

For the first time in nine years, the Eurovision winner has once again reached the top ten among the UK’s top 75 leaders. Remarkably, Måneskin did so not with the winning song Zitti E Buoni but with the album’s song I Wanna Be Your Slave, according to the official charting company.

The last time a Eurovision winner reached the top ten in Britain was in 2012 when Lauren finished third with Euphoria. Celine Dion, who won for Switzerland in 1988, was the last winner in 2002 to reach the top ten with a non-winning song.

Måneskin has been a hit in the European charts since his victory in Rotterdam last month. No other winner in recent history has succeeded in doing so. Not only has Zitti E Buoni been successful in many countries, but he has also hit other songs from the albums already released by the Italian rock band.

Martin Osterdahl, President of Eurovision, expressed his delight at Måneskin’s success at the official charting company. “Its popularity proves a huge starting point in the Eurovision Song Contest and confirms the quality of the works and songs involved,” he says.

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