Rob Stenders wants to expand Radio Veronica's range musically: 'More than pop classics'

Rob Stenders wants to expand Radio Veronica’s range musically: ‘More than pop classics’

Rob Standers will start his new show on Veronica Radio on Monday. At the commercial station, it’s not just a radio DJ; He has also served as chief broadcaster since April. “Musically I want to expand and go deeper. In plain language: we will play much more than just well-known pop classics,” says Rob. Veronica Superguide.

As the new head of Radio Veronica, Rob has completely overhauled programming, including Access Dani Vera, Ronald Gephardt, and Argan Sniders. “There are new DJs playing discs that make them happy. As it was in early days from Veronica. And of course I want more listeners. But most of all I want it to be a fun channel. Rob said.

Channel boss ‘uncomfortable’

Rob still describes the title “Veronica Radio Chief” as unfamiliar. “But I think it’s funny that I can now decide with Veronica whether we’re going to turn right or left. Seems honest work, though. In the old mode (on Radio 2, editor) I went five to two, yelling some rebellious things into the microphone and at four o’clock I said, “See you tomorrow,” and I came home again. Now my days are a little longer.”

Why did Rob switch to Veronica Radio? “I did my program on Radio 2 and had nothing to do with the rest. Now I can give the whole radio station a little direction. What do I say? Very little, because I’ve got to act and then there’s also Veronica, who I have a history and a feeling for.”

Rob is especially hoping listeners will tune in to Veronica Radio as of Monday. “I hope I have a lot of extra points that listeners think: Old asshole now with Veronica, I’ll give it a try,” Rob said in Veronica’s Magazine.

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Photo: Veronica Radio/Ben Hodijk

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