Kris Jenner: Kendall is the easiest kid and Kourtney is the hardest  show

Kris Jenner: Kendall is the easiest kid and Kourtney is the hardest show

Kris Jenner during a special show about the end of the reality series سلسلة keeping up with the Kardashians She revealed a daughter who finds it easier to work with. This was the model Kendall Jenner, the second youngest.

Kris is the manager of all six of her children, which earned her the nickname “momager”. In addition to Kendall’s affairs (25), she also arranges the affairs of Kourtney (42), Kim (40), Khloe (36), Rob (24) and Kylie (23). She also admitted on the broadcast that the oldest one is the hardest to deal with. Courtney himself understood that well. “I only want to do things that I find really interesting. So my answer when you ask is usually no. And if that is the case, I want to know every detail of what is being asked of me.”

On the special, Kylie spoke about the period when she hid her pregnancy from the outside world. She did so at first by not leaving her neighborhood, but later she couldn’t even leave her house because helicopters were constantly flying over the villa with paparazzi hoping to record a picture of her with her pregnant belly. “Then the furniture was delivered, but they thought it was a crib. Once something was delivered, everything was recorded.”

The youngest member of the family also explained why she didn’t want everyone to know that she was expecting a baby. “I was very young when I got pregnant,” said Kylie, who gave birth to daughter Stormi when she was 20. I didn’t know how to deal with everyone’s opinion. So I decided not to do it at all.”

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