Japanese government affected by Fujitsu data breach – computer – news

The data was stolen from various Japanese government organizations after the hackers allowed themselves access to the Fujitsu software. This writes ZDNet and confirmed by the company. Meanwhile, Fujitsu has shut down the software package and has started an investigation.

According to the Japanese public broadcaster NHK Submitted The hackers themselves arrive from Narita Airport to the ProjectWEB web project The project Administration Fujitsu software package used by many Japanese government agencies. The hackers managed to steal information about air traffic at the airport and the Japanese Cybersecurity Center was promptly notified.

On Wednesday, Japan’s infrastructure, transportation and land ministries later reported that data had been stolen from them as well. According to these ministries, about 76,000 email addresses were leaked and data was also stolen from internet organizations. The Japanese Cyber ​​Security Center didn’t escape either. The data was stolen from the various local branches of them.

Fujitsu has Producer Administration A program captured without an internet connection in the meantime. a company Has been confirmed To ZDNet that their systems were hacked. “There was illegal access to ProjectWEB. We are currently investigating the incident and we are in close contact with both the relevant parties and the Japanese authorities,” she said.

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