Intel’s website shows 10nm desktop processors based on Tiger Lake for OEMs – computer – news

It looks like Intel has been quietly introducing a new 10nm CPU for desktop computers. The company’s website shows, among other things, the unannounced Intel Core i9-11900KB processor, which is based on the Tiger Lake architecture, which was previously reserved for laptops.

Intel Core i9-11900KB processor appeared quietly On the Intel’s Ark website, Is also observed Momomo_us Twitter user On. Plus, there is, too Core i3-, Core i5– On Core i7Variants of these desktop processors have appeared, and they all also have the suffix B in the product name. According to this site, the processors are manufactured according to the Intel 10nm process. Strictly speaking, this will be the first desktop CPU to be manufactured at 10nm.

There were previously doubts about the validity of these treatments; For example, many have argued that the clock speeds may be wrong, he writes Video Cards. For example, the product pages on the Intel website mention the 5.3GHz thermal turbo frequencies for all models, which are pretty high. The maximum “normal” turbo frequency may be up to 4.9 GHz, depending on the model.

However, Intel has since confirmed the arrival of these processors Tom’s devices. The company states that these are desktop processors they can use on Small form factorComputers from original equipment manufacturers. The processors will have a BGA socket and therefore will not be available separately.

Later this year, Intel will also release Alder Lik-cpu from. These processors are also built on the Intel 10nm node, and will be available for desktop and laptop computers. Among other things, the CPUs Get support For DDR5 and PCIe 5.0. The processors also get two different types of cores. The company is equipping Alder Lake processors with some of the more powerful Golden Cove cores, and CPUs are getting some energy efficient Atom cores. The first Alder Lake processors will be released in the second half of 2021, according to Intel, but there is no specific release date yet.

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