“It was a challenge and an adventure” / Villamedia

“It was a challenge and an adventure” / Villamedia

Bart Nijman has left the GeenStijl platform. Najman served as deputy editor and co-owner of the site in recent years. He has not yet announced his next step. Najman has worked at GeenStijl for about thirteen years.

Last modified: January 1, 2024, at 10:42 am

“It was a challenge and an adventure, a wild roller coaster at a cold fair, a free school with unforgettable life lessons, and ultimately a constant principled duty on a sometimes lonely mission,” he wrote in a final contribution under his pseudonym Van Rossem. on No style.

“For thirteen years as a blogger, it's barely a career, but that's never been what it was and no career is over.”

in video For more than seventeen minutes, Najman says goodbye to his readers.

The video alternates between highlights from Najman's career at GeenStijl and important news events, including GeenPeil's initiative to hold a consultative referendum, the attack at Bataclan, Brexit, and the rise of the political party Forum for Democracy.

Read this interview that Beaudoin Giles conducted with Najman in 2018: “This is the freest space of all Dutch editorial offices.”

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