Izegem Sports Club is looking for a job for its American coach: "Only in this way can he return to work with us in Belgium"

Izegem Sports Club is looking for a job for its American coach: “Only in this way can he return to work with us in Belgium”

American soccer club Castel Nitro from Izegem are looking for a solution to bring their American coach, Will Blanco, back to Belgium. The 40-year-old assisted the team for three months last spring, but when his tourist visa expired, he had to return to the States. “We are now looking for a part-time position with Will,” says Chairman Willem Demoink. “This way he can return to Belgium on a work visa and help us again.”

Castle Nitro is a name that sounds like a clock in the world of Belgian American football. The club was founded 33 years ago and changed its name from Izegem Tribes to its current name in April this year. The team has a well-developed youth program and the first team participates in the BNL Football League, which stretches across Belgium and the Netherlands.

In February, Will Blanco joined the staff of Kasteel Nitros and became the defencemen’s coach. “One of our other coaches met Will in Portugal and brought him to Izegem,” explains Chairman Willem Demoink (48). “Will is a very passionate coach who takes our team and all the players to the next level. Those three months with him on the field have been invaluable.”

Return to the United States

However, Will had to fly back to his home country in early May because his tourist visa was about to expire. It appears to be “a strong disappointment to him and us.” “He will be integrated into our squad in record time and his experience has been a huge boost to everyone at Kasteel Nitros. His tactical knowledge and objective vision of our game… Will taught us a lot in a very short period of time.”

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Will Blanco stays involved with the team through video training sessions and video calls, but Chief Willem and his team would rather take him back to Izegem.

“If we can help get a work visa, he can help us again. We are looking for a company or organization that can offer a part-time job for six months – from the beginning of January to the beginning of July 2023. Then he devotes the rest of his time to Nitros Castle.”

Hard worker

According to Willem, Will wants to do everything he can to get back to work at Izegem. He is a driven man in his forties, has a degree, is fluent in English and Spanish, and is willing to do any kind of work. “Anything to be able to go back to Belgium. Besides, he’s a great social guy who loves to work hard.”

“Accommodation is also not a problem, because one of our players will take Will to his family. He also has his own car here. So the potential place of work does not have to be limited to Izegem and the surrounding area. He can start anywhere in West Flanders.”

Willem and the entire Castiel Nitro family hope they can deliver some good news to Will soon. “He wants nothing more than to return to Belgium and Ezegem and his experience will make us better.”

Can you help Will Blanco and Nitros Castle? Please contact Willem Demuynck on 0490 586 315 or 0490 586 315 [email protected].

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