America Chooses: "USAthletes Now Use Their Voices" |  other sports

America Chooses: “USAthletes Now Use Their Voices” | other sports

America elects a new president today. How does the sports world experience elections? This site spoke to three sporting directors with ties to the country. America has always been divided, but it is even more polarized now.

Gerard Nijkamp, ​​head coach of MLS FC Cincinnati
“Everything shows that the whole country is in suspense about what is going to happen. The programs on TV are about it all day long and I find it very interesting to watch. It is also very interesting to see how the people in the club are working on this. Like all businesses in the rest of the country Our doors as a club are closed on Tuesdays, for example, to offer as many opportunities as possible to allow people to vote. MLS (Major League Soccer, ed.) is also very active in this area. In the warm-up, all players wear a jersey with the word ” Vote”. I love listening to our President Jeff Birding who knows a lot about politics. When that first debate was between Trump and Biden, I spoke to him at length. And here, too, there’s a shame about the way that debate was conducted. Thankfully, things went better in The second big debate with a mute button that can be used. Anyway, I notice that politics is sensitive here. When we talk about politics in a restaurant, we almost do it in hushed tones. I always wonder how things are going between the neighbors. When I drive to the club I see signs elections in Gardens. If I had to go for it, I think it would be very exciting haha.”

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In Major League Soccer (MLS), referees are also advised to vote. © USA TODAY Sports

AZ general manager Robert Einhorn played eight years of baseball in the United States for the New York Yankees, among others
“We travel to Spain with AZ on Wednesday for the match against Real Sociedad. After that, I have enough time on that day of travel to absorb everything. I will do it because I find it very interesting. I still have many friends and acquaintances who live in America, but strangely That I don’t talk to them much about politics. That was the case when I was a baseball player there, hardly. And I think that’s different from now. I get the impression that athletes in America care more about politics. If you now see their expressions, for example. It wouldn’t have been Imagined in the past that we would walk around in a T-shirt with the word “Vote”. Now the athletes use their vote. You can feel that there is tension around the election. Especially who wins. I think in the Netherlands we always look at it a little differently. It seemed to me impossible that he would become Trump President one day, but I had an American friend of mine at the time who explained he really could become one. I didn’t believe him but he was right. Trump as president, you can do it there.”

Robert Einhorn (right) plays for the Yankees.

Robert Einhorn (right) plays for the Yankees. © AFP

Earnest Stewart has played over 100 caps for Team USA and is now the head coach of the NFL
“I follow elections in America very closely. On CNN, Fox and everything in between. I noticed I followed them more than four years ago when I actually lived here. That has to do with the state of the country right now. America has always been divided, but now it’s more polarized. When I lived in the Netherlands, I always voted. It feels like a duty as an American citizen. You also feel a certain energy in the world of football. People are now invited to vote through sports competitions, but also a few months ago during Black Lives Matter demonstrations. I don’t want to introduce Any predictions.Then I fell asleep thinking Hillary Clinton would be president but when I woke up it was Donald Trump.I don’t want to speak for either candidate, nor do I think you can do that as an NFL representative.It’s much more black and white here than it is It’s in the Netherlands, where you have many options.”

Ernest Stewart, Robert Einhorn and Gerard Nijkamp (left to right).

Ernest Stewart, Robert Einhorn and Gerard Nijkamp (left to right). © AP, EPA

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