Watch live on TV and online

Watch live on TV and online

This year we can enjoy no less than thirteen PDC Pro Tour tournaments, the second of which is already on the schedule this weekend: European Darts Open 2023 From Friday 24th to Sunday 26th March 2024. In this article you will find what exactly the schedule looks like and how you can On TV and watch online It can go to all sides.

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European Darts Open 2023: Darts Championship 24-26 March 2023

The 2023 European Darts Open is a major event in the European Darts Championship PDC Pro Tour, a series of darts tournaments organized by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). These sessions are mainly held in European countries outside the UK and usually attract the best darts players in the world. This weekend takes place exactly one month after the Baltic Darts Open and kicks off a busy calendar of events on the darts schedule. This weekend we play in Leverkusen, and after that we will play darts in Riesa from March 31 to April 2 and in Munich from April 8 to 10. So all of these places are in Germany.

🏆 European Open Darts
🎟️ Round two of 13 pro tournaments
🗓️ Friday 24th to Sunday 26th March 2023
⏰ From 13:00 Dutch time
🏟️ Ostermann Arena in Leverkusen, Germany
📺 via Play → Watch darts instantly in Viaplay

Want to be in the mood already? Then we have a viewing tip with a nice video for you> Below you will find a number of highlights from last year’s event themed ‘The King in Leverkusen’.

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This way you can watch the European Darts Open 2023 on TV and online

As a darts enthusiast, you probably know about the Viaplay streaming service by now. Since launching video on demand at the beginning of last year, they’ve been allowed to show all PDC Darts matches for at least five years, so you can watch all matches online and on TV. This also includes the European Darts Open. It is also possible to revisit matches for up to 48 hours. In the table below, we’ve listed the streaming rights status for each streaming service and you can start watching right away via the links. Here, you’ll find a number of major video on demand platforms, including Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix, Videoland, and of course, Viaplay itself.

✅ across play ➡️ Go straight to the European Darts Open 2023 on Viaplay. With this streaming service, you can watch all the tournament matches live. If you sign up now, you will receive a 12.5% ​​discount on an annual subscription through a temporary promotion.
⛔️ Amazon Prime Video Prime Video, Amazon’s streaming service, does not currently offer sports subscriptions with darts matches in the Netherlands.
⛔️ Disney + The Disney Video Service also does not have an option to watch sports like darts at the time of writing.
⛔️ HBO Max This video service offers subscriptions for movies and series, but not for sports.
⛔️ Netflix Darts or other sports cannot be watched on Netflix.
❌ videoland This company previously owned the rights to broadcast darts with RTL 7 and Videoland in the Netherlands, but since 2022 it will not be possible to watch the darts competition via this provider for at least five years by transferring the rights to Viaplay.

This year’s European Open Darts schedule

You will find it below program From the European Darts Open 2023. In each row you can read which round it relates to, but also what date the match is on. You can then also see how many legs will be played at most. The first player to win a certain number of legs moves on to the next round. The tournament follows a knockout format, which means players are eliminated after one defeat. In ‘Best of 11’, the first dart player to win six sets will be the player to advance to the next round. So in this event we play the format 1st to 6 (round 1-3 and quarterfinals), 1st to 7th (semifinals) and 1st to 8th (final).

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Game round date Dutch time number of legs
Round 1 ⚫️ Friday, March 24th From 13:00 best 11
Round 2 🔴 Saturday, March 25th From 13:00 best 11
Round 3 🟡 Sunday, March 26th From 13:00 best 11
Quarterfinals 🟡 Sunday, March 26th from 7:00 p.m best 11
semi final 🟡 Sunday, March 26th ↳ below best 13
last 🟡 Sunday, March 26th ↳ below top 15

Prize money during the event

We now know that darts players don’t play for pocket money. There is a lot of money to be made from tournaments, especially if you can get far as a participant. In the overview below, you will find the amount of award money this year. There is total The prize pool is £175,000 (approximately €200,000) is available, more than 17% of which ends up with the winner. Below, you will find exactly how the amounts will be distributed to the participating darts players at the end of the weekend.

position Cash prize Number of Players
winner 🏆 30 thousand pounds sterling 1 winner
runner up £12,000 1 final loser
semi final £8,500 2 of the semi-finalists
Quarter final £6,000 4 players in the quarter-finals
Round 3 £4,000 8 drop out after the third round
Round 2 £2,500 16 ahead after the second round
Round 1 £1,250 16 hits after the first round

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