Instagram removes square images from feed to angry users

Instagram removes square images from feed to angry users

Your Instagram feed may still look the way it used to, but that could change at any time. In the app’s big update in May, Instagram is changing the course of its interface. All posts will now be displayed in an aspect ratio of 6:19, i.e. portrait or portrait. This applies to reels, videos and photos. This means that the app, known for its square footage and photo filters since its launch in 2010, has entered a new phase.

According to the head of Instagram Adam Mosrick This is a test and its goal is to provide users with an “immersive experience” on smartphones.

Since 2015, Instagram has already allowed landscape and portrait photos. This new change appears to be basically a move to provide a larger stage for video and reels within the app. Instagram is in a fierce competition for Users and watch time with TikTok† The recent app feed, the fastest growing social media app, is known for videos that fill the screen (hence vertical).

Tapes and comments cut off

Instagram has started rolling out the new interface in recent days. The result, as can be seen at the top of this article, is that a bar can be seen above and below all square images, through which the image’s color palette shines through.

Also, the captions for the photo or video clip have been shortened to just one line. If there is more text, the More button will appear automatically. The number of likes for the photo or video is still mentioned, as well as the number of comments, but they also have to make do with less space in the feed. Finally, with Videos and Reels, the volume button has been pushed up.

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Very critical feedback

The first reactions on other social media to the changes in Instagram are very critical. “There are now two primary types of TikToks,” one tweeter said. Another: “Awful, put it back as it was!”

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