Nikki: Nikon has stopped developing DSLR cameras

Nikki: Nikon has stopped developing DSLR cameras

According to Nikkei Asia, Nikon plans to stop developing digital SLR cameras. Given, among other things, competition from smartphones, the Japanese manufacturer wants to focus on mirrorless solutions, which are smaller and lighter in weight. Canon will also stop producing DSLR cameras in a few years.

The Nikon F (1959) was the company’s first SLR camera.

The unmatched first cameras in general couldn’t match the image quality and wide lens selection of the DSLR variants. In addition, electronic vision determinants Lower quality than the real-time optical viewfinder of a DSLR. Newer models have largely solved these problems while remaining relatively small and light.

Nikon has since released a statement calling out the Nikkei article speculation. While the company notes the continued production, sale, and support of digital SLR cameras, it does not mention the development. So at the moment, nothing seems to be changing, although there may not actually be more new models.

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