Hans Nijland (former FC Groningen) ClubZeker Ambassador

Hans Nijland (former FC Groningen) ClubZeker Ambassador

Groningen, Flagtweed – Hans Nijland, general manager of FC Groningen for 23 years, will be a ClubZeker ambassador from 1 September 2023.

Hans Nijland and the founders of ClubZeker share many of the same views. Realistic method
From doing business, doing what you promise and standing up to the quality of the offer are a few examples
Common traits. Nijland gives many lectures every year at amateur sports clubs, and can speak clearly about his time at FC Groningen. Not to mention the signature of Luis Suarez, the pearl of Uruguay. Suarez’s career is well known: Groningen, Ajax, Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid, and it ended in a beautiful club in South America. Hans Nijland was in the infancy of this profession.

Not only does Nijland have a vision for the best sports, but also for amateur recreational sports as well
And he loves to share it. This also involves a different way of looking at insurance; the
Recreational sports are a somewhat special sport for SMEs.
Just think of the volunteers on the board, and the countless others who volunteer every week
Make every effort to make sports possible in a safe and enjoyable way. In addition to his appearances as a speaker, Hans Nijland also serves as President of the HSC Football Club in Sapmere.

Hans Nijland can also be booked at ClubZeker to give a lecture. ClubZeker customers get…
The cost of the lecture is 15 percent discount. Send an email to [email protected] and Hans Nijland
We will contact you to determine time, location and costs. ClubZeker insures sports clubs very comprehensively, with competitive premiums, and with respect for the pro bono culture, which contributes significantly to the limited claims load. With over 500 associations, as well as the annual growth of dozens of sports clubs, ClubZeker is the only insurance specialist for sports clubs in the Netherlands.

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Wet science
Another sports and exercise café will be organized on Tuesday, September 19, 2023
National Sports Week. Hans Nijland will give a special lecture on this occasion. This evening the focus is on the gym. Sports clubs are facing a difficult time. Member participation is declining, and as a result, more and more associations are facing problems.
The program looks like this:
• 7:15 p.m., come early
• 7:30 PM Opening and announcements by Sports Advisor Saskia Ebbers
• 7:45 p.m. Lecture by Hans Nijland (former General Manager of FC Groningen)
• 8:45pm Sports clubs and Westerwolde Beweegt by sports advisor Jacques Kamminga
• 9:15 PM Closing by Counselor Saskia Ebbers
Afterwards, there is an opportunity to talk to each other while enjoying a snack and a drink
He drinks.
more information
The Sports and Exercise Café takes place in Vlagtwedde, at Beatrixstraat 13. To register, send an email to info@westerwoldebeweegt.nl and for more information, see the website

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