The Snowboarder Wolf took 14th place at the Aspen Cliff Style World Championships

The Snowboarder Wolf took 14th place at the Aspen Cliff Style World Championships

Snowboarder Casper Wolf took 14th place in the slopes category at the World Championships in Aspen, Colorado. After the first round of two rounds, the final comer was still in 11th place with a score of 61.43.

In the second round, a bug occurred when the snowboarder took a very big risk at the last slope. He lost his balance and failed to land properly. The score of 49.93 did not help him. With his highest score, Woolf eventually turned fourteenth out of sixteen. “I was really happy to be in the Final,” says Wolf. “I didn’t expect that at all.” Along the line and its environs. “I am here among all these children, they are not the least of them. Guests I was afraid of.”

One of those big boys is Norwegian Marcus Cleveland, a two-time winner of X Games, an annual event for so-called extreme sports. Cleveland also took home the gold medal in Aspen. He drove after one round and was the only one to gain more than 90 points per second.


In the World Cup competitions, Wolf never finished higher than 15th, but when he was young he was among the absolute top. For example, in 2018 he won the bronze medal at the World Cup in New Zealand. On Wednesday, Wolf surprisingly reached the division final, with snowboarders showing off tricks on a track with ramps and ramps.

With sixth place in the final classification, the 19-year-old from Delft fulfilled the requirements to advance to the final. But in the final match, the violence of the big stars from winter sports countries like Norway, Canada and America was no match.

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Dreaming of the Olympics

Now that the young skater has smelled a great final scent, he also secretly dares to dream about the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022. “If I reach the top ten twice in a World Cup or World Cup, I can go to the Games. So far, but I have three more options this season and many games next season. “

Among the women, Melissa Peppercamp did not qualify for the final, and was short by 3 points. Nick van der Velden did not travel to the World Cup due to an injury (tear between the shin and the shin bone).

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