Karl Bertel on the ever-performing Lotte Kopecky: “You can call her the best Belgian cyclist ever” |  Cycling World Championship

Karl Bertel on the ever-performing Lotte Kopecky: “You can call her the best Belgian cyclist ever” | Cycling World Championship

After collecting two gold medals, Lotte Kopecky completed her successful track cycling world championships with a bronze medal in the omnium event. And then, the road racing still had to come… “Every time Lottie Kopecky rides, she performs,” says radio commentator Karl Bertel, and warns against this habit: “We must always keep emphasizing how special it is. “

Lotte Kopecky, just ten days after her impressive participation in the Tour de France, reports back another perfect report: 3 medals in 3 races at the World Track Cycling Championships.

Although the latest medal could have been a different colour, Karl Berthel also thought: “Silver was within reach. She fell a little short in the tempo race and lost her pace a little.”

“It’s a very specific number as it’s 30 laps for women. Every lap, the first person to the finish line gets a point. If you double everyone, you get 20 points.”

Kopecky wasn’t 100% in the sprint. If I had gotten a point or two, the silver would have been there for the taking.

Karl Bertil

“Kopecky was not 100% in. If she had gotten one or two points, the silver would have been there. It never turned into a gold, the winner, the American Valiente, was out of reach for a long time.”

“It was actually just a very small moment of hesitation in that sprint, because what she did next was amazing. She almost completely straightened out the crooked situation.”

Lottie Kopecky with her Aluminum Bronze Medal.

“Kopecke is the queen of Flemish bicycles”

Although that’s the only minor point of criticism our radio commentator has when it comes to Kopecky. Then he unleashed his praise: “If you saw it all, you could call her the best Belgian cyclist ever.”

“Lotte Kubicki succeeded Julian Dorr on the track, but with Kopecky she also succeeded on the road. That was a little less present in Dorr.”

“Kopecky is clearly the queen of cycling in Flanders.”

I will continue to stress that we cannot begin to consider Lotte’s performance as normal.

Karl Bertil

Although Bertil is not shy about normalizing her performance: “I will continue to insist, just as with Emma Meessman’s achievements in basketball, that we do not start to see this as normal.”

“Every time you ride Kopecky, you get results. She came from the Tour de France, and a week later she got gold in the elimination, and two days later again she got gold in the points race and then bronze in the omnium, which is phenomenal in one session.” Within 3 hours it was driven.”

“However, she continues to unravel everything. She prefers it to be short and hard and for the effort to last a long time. That bodes well for the World Cup down the road.”

“We must always continue to highlight how special Kopecky is.”

Lottie Kopecky with one of her gold medals and wearing a rainbow shirt.

Introducing SD Works

Kopecky’s list of honors continues to grow, just like her competition days. Hadn’t she already exhausted herself too much with the goal of participating in the Road World Championships? “No, thanks in part to the SD Worx team not being dependent on the men’s team.”

“It consists of an all-female team that receives full focus in terms of nutrition, mentoring, training schedules, internships, equipment, etc. So it is in an excellent environment.”

“On top of that, she also does it all when it comes to training and nutrition. That makes her the best.” Workload can handle. “The accumulation of the past seven years is now translating into successes.”

Radio commentator Karl Bertil.

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