Google adds search bar to Stadia – Gaming – News after a year and a half

Google is adding a search bar to Stadia’s interface. Users can use it to search 172 games running on the streaming service. Stadia has been available since November 2019, and the search functionality has been missing so far.

The search bar will be available to all Stadia users in the coming weeks. Google writes. “It makes finding games much easier,” the search giant said. According to Google, Stadia users have indicated that they want a search function. It is not clear why it does not exist yet.

Google is also adapting the Stadia interface to sort options for its game library. For example, players can differentiate between free games, games they have purchased and games that are part of a Stadia Pro subscription.

Google is also showing off a number of innovations that will be coming to Stadia soon. This gives the interface a snapshot with which users can share activities. It will contain video recordings and screenshots that can be shared with friends. Stadia will also be accessed via Android browser in the future. Now the Stadia app should be used for this. It is not yet known when these changes will be released.

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