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Microsoft wants to have more games in its download store for Windows, so it will cut the percentage that developers have to give away from 30 to 12 percent. This will take effect on August 1. Sale only applies to PC games and not to Xbox.

he met Reduction to 12 percent Starting in August, developers will pay the same commission at Microsoft as they do on the Epic Games Store. According to Microsoft, there are no conditions associated with low commission hence developers can also release their games on other platforms.

Valve still withholds 30 percent of developer revenue from Steam. With sales over $ 10 million, that’s 25 percent and after $ 50 million it’s down to 20 percent, but Valve isn’t going down.

Microsoft says it will cut the commission to bring “more games to more players” and “empower developers to succeed.” The company also says it is committed to computer games, including primarily developing games for computers, including Flight Simulator and bringing Xbox technologies to console gamers. Computer, such as Auto HDR and DirectStorage.

According to Microsoft, the reliability of the installs and download speeds in the store will improve in the coming months. More information on this should follow shortly. In a blog post, Microsoft said it understands it “still has a lot of work to do” to please fans of PC games, but the company thinks it is on the right path. Microsoft says that, with its Xbox Game Studios, and the acquisition of Bethesda and Game Pass, Microsoft is “in a better position than ever” to serve both PC and console players.

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At the moment, Microsoft isn’t talking about lowering other software makers’ commissions. It is specifically about computer games. Also, the commission for Xbox games sold on consoles through the download store has not been reduced.

Microsoft Store, formerly known as Windows Store, hasn’t been a hit, either for software or for games. Microsoft is rumored to be working behind the scenes, too A new app store, With more freedom for developers and the ability to integrate third-party payment systems.

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