“Gandalf” is present in the discussion on the party portal in the British Parliament

“Gandalf” is present in the discussion on the party portal in the British Parliament

Star Ian McKellen, 84, attended the debate on “Partygate” in the British Parliament on Monday evening. The actor, who became world-famous as Gandalf in the hit series “The Lord of the Rings,” attended the hearing in the public gallery, according to The Guardian. Sometimes, Ian used theater glasses to better follow the scene.

The actor did not want to explain his presence to the newspaper. The British Parliament discussed the report on the so-called Partgate scandal on Monday. The report was prepared by a parliamentary inquiry that investigated the scandal surrounding a series of parties at former Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s official residence during the coronavirus lockdowns. The committee published its report last Thursday.

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According to the Special Investigation Committee, Boris “deliberately misled” the British Parliament with his statements about the scandal. He also violated the rules of the House of Commons by speaking about the committee’s preliminary findings, while they had not yet been allowed to be published.


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