President Taiwan to the United States and China threaten to impose severe sanctions

On the way there and back she passes through the United States and the American media expects her to speak with McCarthy.

Beijing considers this a provocation and a violation of China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The meeting will destroy peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. China will “definitely take measures to respond decisively.”

Freedom Road

Before leaving, Tsai said: “We are calm and confident, we don’t give in to pressure, but we also don’t want to be provoked. Taiwan will continue to walk the path of freedom and democracy with determination and go out into the world. Although the road is difficult, Taiwan is not alone.”

The Taiwanese president is traveling for the first time to New York today. She is expected to speak tomorrow at the Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank. The meeting with McCarthy will only take place in Los Angeles after visiting Guatemala and Belize. You’ll get there on April 5th. No official program has been announced yet.

It is not unusual for a Taiwanese president to pass through the United States, even though Washington does not recognize the country. But there is added tension in this journey from Tsai. After former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi traveled to Taipei, China responded with military maneuvers.

Breaking ties

The trip to Central America also comes at an important time. Honduras severed ties with Taiwan last week to re-engage with China.

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