King Charles III Ready Set Launched

The Collection contains “Coronation Special” digital magazine issues from the portfolio of 1,200 affiliate publishers and is available to subscribers as part of an unlimited digital reading subscription.

Who Hello! Magazine Edition ‘Special Collectors’, ‘From Prince to Monarch’ (with full biography, family photo albums and exclusive features) plus a guide to the Coronation Collection and ‘Crowning of the King’ by Chelsea Publishing, a 116-page glossy book that continues the tradition It describes a thousand-year ritual of coronation. The application contains all editions, ceremonial guides and latest reports.

Reading about the royal family, and celebrating important milestones and events in royal history is a passion of many English subscribers, but also Dutch Ridley’s. Issues in the “celebrities and entertainment” category, including those related to the royal family, have been the most read in recent years.

Figures relating to the coronation of Charles III include:

1. Hello! Special Collector’s Edition, From Prince to Monarch, King Charles III

2. Coronation of the King

3. BBC History – May 2023

4. Reader’s Digest – King Charles III Coronation Special

5. The Royal Family Series – Coronation Special of King Charles III

6. Good Housekeeping – May 2023

7. The Lady – Coronation Edition

8. The Royal Family – Coronation Special of King Charles III

9. Hello! Issue 1783 – Countdown to the Coronation

10. OK! Royal Shows – King Charles lll

11. The Field – May 2023

12. Bella’s Specials – Coronation Day Special

“What a momentous event for the UK. Our celebrity and entertainment category is the most read category in the UK and the Netherlands, and songs featuring the royal family are particularly popular with subscribers. “It is the perfect opportunity to launch the coronation editions of King Charles III and provide our subscribers with images, reports and articles that will create lasting memories,” said Range Begley, UK Managing Director and Chief Content Officer at Readly.

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