Another Ed Sheeran Album: How Did It Stay Popular for Ten Years?  |  music

Another Ed Sheeran Album: How Did It Stay Popular for Ten Years? | music

“More than Just Guitar Songs”

He makes very different songs in a lot of styles, but it all remains known as Ed Sheeran. You can find his music lame, but there’s no denying that he’s done, like, form you Truly classic books.”

Vocally, there is nothing Sheeran is critical of. “He can sing very well,” says de Welt. “He’s also an interesting live artist. He knows how to turn a whole ArenA upside down with his guitar. You don’t see that often.”

“could be your neighbor”

Although Sheeran’s music is easy on the ear and thus seems made for record hits, it does not hinder his credibility as an artist. De Welt thinks it’s because Sheeran is “very friendly”. “At least, it seems he is. Because we don’t know him personally. He presents himself as an ordinary boy, but of course he isn’t.”

“He doesn’t seem to have changed either because of the success. He remains someone who sings about recognizable subjects,” says de Welt. “It’s credible because he doesn’t do crazy things,” Van Vogt adds. “He could have been your neighbor. He has the appearance of an underdog and also comes across as a sympathetic man.”

His image as a singer-songwriter also contributes to this credibility. “The man who sings about his soul stirs with the guitar. Music never gets more authentic in our eyes.”

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“His music will never go away.”

Van Vogt and de Welt have no doubt that Sheeran’s music will continue to be listened to often in twenty years’ time. “He’s totally emblematic of his time, just like Taylor Swift. They’re iconic auteurs and made history in pop music,” says Van Vogt.

“It’s a voice Zeros. We’re still talking about the biggest stars of the ’80s today. He’s reached such stardom, and his music never really goes away.”

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