Europe was united, while Ukraine was divided

Former minister Rosenthal: ‘Take negotiations with Turkey seriously’

Former Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal said Turkey has shown it is a ‘faithful partner’ of the West with its deal with Finland and Sweden at the NATO summit. Rosenthal thinks European countries should not hesitate to cooperate further with Turkey because of the ties between NATO and the EU and the possibility that the US will take a different political course. European correspondent Geert Jan Hahn points out the similarities and differences between NATO and the EU.

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Hong Kong 25 years Chinese

Hong Kong is enjoying special days. The Special Administrative Region of China has a new leader and marks the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover from the United Kingdom to China. President Xi Jinping will be there, making his only public appearance at the Olympics. The guest speaker was former CDA MP Kathleen Ferrier who lived in Hong Kong.

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Postma in America | The conservative media is divided over Trump

America was talking with its ears this week at the January 6 committee’s latest hearing. Cassidy Hutchinson, a former right-hand man to Trump’s chief of staff, revealed what Trump is doing around the storming of the Capitol. American reporter John Postma looked at how the conservative media was divided.

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