Enter Latin America via Colombia

Enchanting art in France

Despite the corona crisis, entrepreneurs are still looking for opportunities abroad. That’s why we talk about doing business across borders every Tuesday. Today we do it with Esther Johnson, the founder of Culture. And author of the book Doing Business From Here to Tokyo.

Enchanting art in France

Ask Again | Doing Business Across the Border | Perfectionism predominates in ‘Germany of Asia’

Charming attack

Dutch business associates will be shocked if you offer a comprehensive sum Success and foodTreatment plans were talked about without even a word, but for the French it was one To Attract attention to the relationship. Anyone who wants to do business in France should turn it into an attractive attack. Praise, acknowledging status and building a personal relationship, this is it.

Ask Again | Doing Business Across the Border | Enter Latin America via Colombia

In addition to business acumen, it is important that your business proposal is presented neatly. Just because your offer is attractive doesn’t mean you can leave stitches on its packaging and outfit. An unforgettable invitation card with your own language and sense of style!

About doing business at the border

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