North America has won a flurry of youth equestrian events

North America has won a flurry of youth equestrian events

Photo: CHIO Aachen/ Michael Strauch

A thrilling final in the group classification of the FEI Youth Equestrian Games 2022. A quintet from North America edged out teams from Europe and Africa in the jump-off at Achaner Soires yesterday. 30 young riders from 30 countries and 6 continents put on an impressive performance in the second round. They rode on carefully selected horses assigned by lottery.

After the first round, no less than four teams made no mistakes and advanced to gold. On the second day, three teams still had a clean sheet, meaning each team had to send one rider to the jump-off.

Experienced Mimi Kochman

North America chose the very experienced Mimi Coachman (17) from the USA who has already competed at the 4* Grand Prix level. He jumped the fastest with his ‘Professor’ at 32.26 seconds. Merino from Achterhoek (V. Darko), thus winning for his team. British Claudia Moore represented Europe Largo van de Molenhoek (by Elvis der Putte). She also jumped flawlessly, but took a while (32.59). He was accompanied by Jad Gurroy, who was visiting Morocco Lady Angels (v. Los Angeles) Clear – but over 33 seconds, Africa gets bronze.

Horses ride and flexible

Six weeks before the competition, a team consisting of representatives from the FEI, the FN and the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein examined the horses that Holger Hetzel took to horse owners with whom he was friends. “It’s important to us that the horses are rideable and flexible,” explained Hetzel, meaning they can be ridden by a strong rider or a smaller woman.

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High driving position

All the horses have already proven in the competitions that they are not only up to the challenge, but that the two classes are heavy. The riders had a week to get to know the horses at the training camps. “The high flow of young people attracts me,” said Peter Deeven, Group President of Group Europe. The decision will be taken on Saturday in the individual classification where all 30 riders will be able to compete again.

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Source CHIO Aachen/Saint George

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