A Million Miles Away – Filmgrand

A Million Miles Away – Filmgrand

A million miles away Tells the story of Jose Hernandez, the first Mexican-American astronaut. While the biopic doesn’t do anything clever, it manages to convey an uplifting message.

He rose to fame in supporting roles with white leads in films such as Michael Pena End of monitoring Inside ant man. In A Million Lives Away The 47-year-old actor is finally getting a lead role. He plays tender nerd Jose Hernandez; A former migrant worker proving himself as an engineer in America. Peena is emotional, especially in the scenes where Jose makes out with his wife Adela (Zora Salazar).

While Hern√°ndez’s story seems like the perfect campaign for the American dream, director Alejandra Marquez Abella counters the underdog narrative. He portrays Jose as an intelligent fighter, but also shows that he owes a lot to his environment. Without the sacrifices from his parents and family, Jose would never have made it to NASA. Nevertheless, he has to take a stand against prejudice and racism in the workplace.

In contrast, there’s nephew Beto (Bobby Soto), who sleeps through classes at school while Hoss writes homework. Years later when Jose grows up, Beto is still working as a fruit picker. The charming Beato is a mirror to the main character, who is blinded by his ambition and therefore downplays the importance of his family life.

What the film benefits from is a largely Mexican cast that presents an authentic and endearing image of Jose and his community. It is worth noting A million miles away In no way critical of the position of Mexican immigrants in the United States. The film eschews overtly political themes and portrays Jose’s life in a somewhat hackneyed fashion. Hero’s Journey: The road is long and full of setbacks, but in the end the intrepid hero succeeds thanks to his environment.

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A million miles away A portrait of a safe but reliable go-getter. The film is a bit flimsy and doesn’t last long. And yet it has A million miles away A new message: the motivation of family and colleagues is at least as important as the hero’s skill.

A million miles away Watch on Prime Video.

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