Fans are surprised: Helmut Lottie opens throat and takes off clothes for metal cap |  show

Fans are surprised: Helmut Lottie opens throat and takes off clothes for metal cap | show

videoFlemish singer Helmut Lotte, 52, known for his gritty and classic-like compositions, did something that his fans might not have expected. The tenor pulls all the stops for a shredded Iron Maiden metal band cover, while his sleek outfits don’t stay in place.

Leon van Wijk

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24-09-22, 17:54

Starting next week, Belgian radio station Willy will bring the top 1,000 records with the best and dirtiest rock records ever. Listeners can now vote for Helmut Lottie, who broke through in 1989 with an Elvis Presley cover in Dutch Show mix soundsHe has some advice. according to him I run to the hill Primarily by British metal band Iron Maiden from 1982. The singer has special memories of the song.

My brother Johan is a fanatic of hard rock and album play the number of the beast The Iron Maiden was flat,” he says.,,I run to the hill It was my favourite. One day I was singing that song when my dad suddenly walked in. He stood dumbfounded and said, “Wow, you can sing.” That was the first time I ever got a compliment from my dad about my singing.”

Helmut Lottie unleashes hard rock in himself. © Willie

And he can still sing, according to the cover he recorded to reinforce his advice. It starts off quite quietly, with Lotti in an elegant suit with a bow. First his jacket goes off and his cool leather bracelet comes out. When his coat and shirt are also taken off, it turns out he’s wearing a band shirt.

Listeners do not know what they are facing. “I never thought I’d hear Helmut Lute sing metal, but it was beautifully done,” says the YouTube video below. Another wrote: “Could be Iron Maiden’s new front man.” This is what the original text looks like:

This isn’t the first time a singer has stepped out in a completely different guise of a rock star in his own right. Do you have a moment for me– Folk singer France Bauer covered once You are in a hurry From the German band Ramstein:

Although it’s not rock, it’s a similar outing: opera singer Maria Vesseler was ahead of best singers one for a while rude rapper:

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