Marc Marie Hoygbrigets mocks Linda de Mol: 'I didn't deserve it'

Marc Marie Hoygbrigets mocks Linda de Mol: ‘I didn’t deserve it’

After she quit her job at the magazine in January, things remained quiet around Linda de Mol. See you this week. On no less than six pages in the magazine, the presenter tells her full story and She writes candidly about her future in the media and the addiction of her ex-husband, Jeroen Rittbergen. In the article, Linda also attacks the media, including the comedian. “It’s been so long, I’ve really sat for it,” Mark Marie—who “Linda “always finds a bit pathetic because all this has happened to her”—started about it in his weekly podcast with Av Brandt Curstius.

He continues, “But she’s obviously attacking me in that too because I said something in BEAU Against a girl, she had to report it (…) What she said was really bad, so I thought: Oh my God, go and report it. This is really the only way and I don’t know what to say either. It is hard for me to say: do not go to the police, you will not say so! I was going to say that, but other than that I’m always the one who defends Linda a lot – even during the time when I’m being attacked very hard.”

His observation clearly does not match Linda’s. “So I was quite surprised, frankly, that she suddenly gave me the best of me. I didn’t mind that I deserved it (…) and someone else would pass it, you think, who would take look who: Oh my God, do you call it? Why would you do?” Mark Marie said. That? Anyway, I think everything you do is fine because I think it’s very pathetic.

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Linda decided to pause all of her work in January, after it emerged that her partner Jeroen Rittbergen was accused of sexual misconduct behind the scenes at Holland sound. She broke off her relationship with Jeroen. At the beginning of September, Linda will return to TV with her show chasing a million dollars It is very acclaimed.

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