Dijkstra emotional over Bramah’s impressive farewell: ‘Really of South American proportions’

Dijkstra emotional over Bramah’s impressive farewell: ‘Really of South American proportions’

It was a big celebration to say goodbye to Wout Bramah last Friday. Fans got goosebumps in the stands and more than 200,000 people watched the match live on RTV Oost. The presentation was made on behalf of FC Twente by Erik Dijkstra, a journalist and big supporter of FC Twente. He also had a wonderful evening.

“Wout Brama’s farewell was truly of South American proportions,” Dijkstra says at the conference. Sports Desk Podcast. “Now that you talk about it, I get goosebumps again. Foot Brama, that’s not number ten, he’s not the greatest footballer of all time or anything, but it was a warm bath of love for that guy.”

Frank Evenblig thinks his colleague is exaggerating. “South American concepts…we’re talking about Wout Brama here!” Dijkstra responds to Willem II’s supporter. “I was there. There were 30,000 people in the stands. That’s about the entire movie season 2, just to be clear. These people went absolutely crazy. It was beautiful.”

“Wout Brama is the only Dutch footballer to have won all the trophies. That’s not Johan Cruyff, not Van Hanegem, not Marco van Basten, that’s Wout Brama. All those trophies were there, his family was there, the 2010 Cup.” “It was the champion team there. With Brian Ruiz, with Blaise Nkovo, with Theo Jansen. They played against a kind of Wout Brama All Stars with Al Ahmadi, Elijah, the Wout Brama brothers. It was really cool,” Dijkstra said.

“There were fireworks, there was absolute madness. At one point I thought I was at La Bombonera in Buenos Aires. It was a really epic night. It was amazing. I just cried. It was amazing.” .

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