Aggreko announces the purchase of multi-million dollar UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems

Aggreko announces the purchase of multi-million dollar UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems

Aggreko announces the purchase of a fleet of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems to combine with powerful temporary power generators during events. With this multi-million dollar investment, Aggreko continues to invest in cutting-edge technology for seamless broadcast of events for the country’s largest television networks. The acquisition of this technology came shortly before Aggreko provided broadcast power solutions for more than a hundred games in one of America’s largest professional sports leagues.

UPS systems like the one acquired by Aggreko have batteries to briefly replace main power in the event of a power outage, while an automatic transfer switch (ATS) switches the power supply from the grid to the generator. The transition to generator power is smooth; For example, there is no interruption in the broadcast of an event when power is transferred to the generators. Thanks to batteries and switches, UPS systems with generators can turn off generators when the mains power is stable.

This in turn means that UPS systems save huge amounts of fuel costs and CO2 emissions for the generator operator. Without a UPS, generators must be left running throughout the event, which means the generator can be left running for hours even when not in use. This could burn thousands of liters of diesel fuel, generating up to 20,000kg of carbon emissions during the event.

As event customers, such as broadcasters, increasingly rely on net-zero targets, the low carbon footprint provided by UPS makes the device an important part of the temporary energy solution. The addition of UPS to Aggreko’s events segment comes as the company prepares to pursue a long-term contract with one of the four largest professional sports leagues in America. The company has been supplying generators for matches in one of the most popular sports in the country for several years, but this season the contract includes supplying generators for the largest number of matches ever, i.e. more than a hundred.

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The newly purchased UPS systems will save customers fuel costs and reduce emissions, all through a constant power source.

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