Diederik Gommers find full talk show tables uncomfortable

Diederik Gommers find full talk show tables uncomfortable

Diedrick argued that the Dutch should take on more responsibility themselves rather than wait for the moment when the outgoing cabinet imposes new measures. “What we all do is we look at politics all the time, but dealing with the virus is looking at our behavior and we do it ourselves,” he stressed. “Of course they decide, but the question is whether we can’t start ourselves tomorrow or tonight.”

The certified doctor cited as an example the fact that there were only four people at Humberto’s table and they kept their distance. “I saw last week that there were six of them,” he explained. And this is what Diedrick was referring to his visit to the talk show in 1.

He agreed, after a question from Humberto, that he found this uncomfortable: “I now meet people who are not in my bubbles. I see the same people at work every day. When I go somewhere where I risk walking with other people, I am also careful.”

Diedrick is 57 years old and says he belongs to an at-risk group. “I was vaccinated more than six months ago, and then you know the vaccine has become less effective.”

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