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Kotaz admits in the interview that Battlefield 2042 wasn’t very good. “The release of the game was not as expected,” she says. “Our players and community were disappointed, but so was the development team.”

This is what you get when you advance in EA a lie, completely deviate from its core and then also get the balls by introducing dummy trailers (“hiding” specialists giving a completely different look) and then creating a poorly optimized game. “We will fully stick to the new game” + attracting many studios after BFV. Sure, working from home can be a hindrance, but don’t think that’s the main reason.

I realize I shouldn’t have pre-ordered this and could have seen this for miles after BFV stuff, but my opinion still stands, despite the reinstalls, after November: December, January and this week. What a shoveling game. Played the new map 3x, sorry what a hack if you can’t hack it and then you end up in flashback mode in Operation Locker, where you are completely obstructed by snipers from the base in your team (attacker) team and then totally being spammed with bombs handmade.

So you could also do everything in your power to get people back at all, but you think that ship sank after the BFV and after that. EA/DICE should continue to move forward in this way, but every year FIFA and half the other games sell well too. Perhaps more transparent, given the various indications that this is going to be a BR game and how an entire game developer including other studios can be satisfied with the specialists and their awkward (now removed) streaks.

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This video makes good arguments for why the game is (unconsciously) not a battlefield at all:

The battlefield has changed

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