Spotify allows mobile users to share podcasts from specific time – photo, audio – news

Spotify introduces its mobile apps to a new feature that allows users to link to a specific feature Timestamp From a podcast. The feature is scheduled to roll out globally to the streaming service’s iOS and Android apps beginning Monday.

Spotify writes that users can use the feature to share a specific portion of a podcast with friends, for example when the podcast host talks about an interesting topic. Their website. Previously, only users could share the url of the entire podcast episode.

Users will now see an option in Spotify’s share menu to share a podcast from a specific point in time. This makes the process comparable to sharing YouTube videos; This video platform has had a similar function for quite some time. Users can then copy the link or share it directly via social media such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat.

Moreover, Spotify enables music sharing using the Canvas function on Snapchat. With Canvas, artists can add short animated gifs to their song pages during play, which are featured in a ring Is being played. Users have been able to share these songs with Canvas via Instagram Stories for quite some time.

Spotify seems to be focusing more on podcasts lately. There have been rumors about Spotify for quite some time Paid subscriptions They’ll start showing up on podcasts, with the podcast makers getting all the sales. The proposed platform In February All of these podcasts were an important factor in the platform’s growth. A quarter of active Spotify users every month will listen to one or more podcasts.

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