Daily Horoscope August 2 - Don't try to ask for advice, Capricorn!  |  constellations

Daily Horoscope August 2 – Don’t try to ask for advice, Capricorn! | constellations

Christmas today

If you are looking for another job, it is good to know that there is a demand for you. start up; Apply, even if you already have a good job – there is always room for improvement. Make sure to stay healthy. Try to be moderate in all aspects of life. This is important to you; Prefer to be non-moderate.


Today, listening is better than talking. A problem may arise. Pay attention to your partner’s tone of voice and body language. There may be a difference between what the other person says and what they mean.


Your health can be compromised by the unpleasant feeling that the daily grind is not for you. Others may bother you and you will have to bite your tongue more often than you want to. The financial reward is now less important.


Romantic ups and downs play a huge role in your life. A decision may have to be made. Resentful people may realize that their current partner is not the person they want to grow up with after all.


Over the next three weeks, special attention will be given to all forms of communication. Take into account delays when concluding contracts. It will be more difficult to reach the people you need.


Be careful if you are involved in buying or selling. Someone may be withholding or exaggerating the truth. Careful planning is required when purchasing furniture. Stay up to date with the latest news via social media.


You can feel so good that you start on tasks you wouldn’t normally feel. However, don’t take too much of a fork because you will be using up your energy reserves. Analyze your financial situation. Start saving for a big purchase.

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There can be all kinds of challenges. Your ability to see things clearly can be a little less so that you can easily overestimate the desired result. Excessive self-confidence can push you to promise too much.


Your focus on the daily routine can fade, leaving you daydreaming and thinking of ways to achieve what you want. Dare to say “no” when a family member asks you to solve a special problem.


Put the best foot forward. Collaboration can test your patience and determination. The news about the problems of a loved one can completely surprise you. Target gets left behind or runs out of money.


Don’t try to ask or accept advice. You can get the wrong advice. Deep down you know what’s good for you, so listen to your conscience and intuition. Dare to take a leadership position.


Learning a new skill or developing the mind does not have to pass through school. Until the end of August, there may be delays or errors in legal matters, study or travel.


A medical procedure can be delayed, giving you the opportunity to seek an alternative. Know that there are countless treatments. Married couples may need their partner’s support during difficult times.

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