Welmoed Sijtsma presents a new program at WNL: The Bodyguard |  show

Welmoed Sijtsma presents a new program at WNL: The Bodyguard | show

Omroep WNL will be broadcasting a new show starting August 31: Bodyguard. Ten candidates compete for the title of bodyguard. The programme, which consists of eight episodes, was presented by Welmoed Sijtsma.

Candidates receive a training program led by Nico Ratt and Malcolm Winter, who have worked in the field of personal security in the broad sense for over thirty years. Ratt developed with the police, Malcolm with the special units of the Marechaussee and the police. They operate internationally, and believe in stars such as Lady Gaga and Martin Garrix. The two provide training to both governmental and commercial organizations and contribute top-level ideas on how society can meet the ever-increasing demand for personal security.

Candidates compete with each other. With different tasks, on a physical level but also when it comes to alertness, resilience and resilience,” says Sabine Buck on behalf of the WNL. The Bodyguard is a knockout race. With candidates who have their own reasons for being bodyguards. Nico and Malcolm ultimately chose one winner.” .

Baak realizes that you don’t immediately think of such programs when you think of WNL. WNL has been a full broadcaster since January 1, and a wide range of programming also fits in. Within our broadcaster there are some things that we find very important. Economics and politics as well as security. This program falls under Security. The development that more and more people need to be protected because of who they are and what they do or say is very worrying. More and more people are needed simply for security. This program contributes to that.”

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Watch the show and entertainment videos below:

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