Congressional Committee wants information from Fox News host and Trump Confidant Hannity about the storming of the Capitol

Congressional Committee wants information from Fox News host and Trump Confidant Hannity about the storming of the Capitol

Donald Trump (right) greets Sean Hannity during a 2018 campaign rally.AFP photo

In a letter, the commission asked Hannity for information “relevant to the investigation.” The letter revealed that Hannity had concerns about the former president’s strategy and behavior in the lead up to January 6 and after the storming of the Capitol ended. The investigative committee inferred this from text messages between Hannity and Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows.

Reports indicate that Hannity knew that Trump and his team were about to do something on January 6. On January 5, he wrote in a text message that he was “very worried about the next 48 hours.” On the day of the storm, Hannity told Meadows that Trump should urge his supporters to “come out safely from the Capitol.” In the lead-up to Joe Biden’s swearing-in, he told Hannity Meadows that Trump should refrain from commenting on the election results.

The panel, which includes both Democrats and Republicans, is investigating the relationship between then-White House governors and Trump supporters who invaded the Capitol. Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon and former chief of staff Mark Meadows have been called to testify.

The committee believes Hannity has “detailed insight into Trump’s mental state” and wants additional information about Hannity’s communications with the White House before, during, and after the storming of the Capitol. With the storming, Trump supporters wanted to avoid confirming Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election after Trump insisted he was the legitimate winner. So far, no evidence of electoral fraud has been found.

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Conservative broadcaster Hannity is an outspoken supporter of Trump. During Trump’s presidency, he served as an informal advisor and the two had frequent phone calls. Hannity also appeared at the then-President’s political rallies and Trump was a frequent guest on Fox News.

Hannity has criticized the break-in in the past, but has never criticized Trump for his role in stirring up the crowd in Washington that day. But he criticized the commission investigating the events of 6 January. The question, then, is whether he will respond to the request for information. CNN reported that his lawyer is studying the application.

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