Coen Swijnenberg still suffers from the effects of burnout: ‘Struggle every day’

Coen Swijnenberg still suffers from the effects of burnout: ‘Struggle every day’

Quinn says in the candid interview that he feels like he’s slipping and that the control he’s always had is suddenly no longer there. This scares him: “During that period I felt worse than I could have ever imagined. I was always thinking: It won’t happen to me, until it does.”

Radio DJs have a hard time with people who claim that burnout is “a thing of the times” or “noise.” “Maybe people use that term too quickly, but if you’re already suffering from fatigue, it’s very difficult,” he says in the journal to all his fellow sufferers.

Later, Quinn looks at a “learning period”, although he is still a perfectionist and sets very high standards for himself. The 43-year-old continues: “I struggle with it every day, because something always happens differently than you previously thought. I’m slowly getting better at it, which is directly related to the burnout I suffered in 2020.”

In those moments, the radio maker tries to view his life through a helicopter view, which gives him peace. “As a result, I now try to think a lot: Quinn, you should let this go, you shouldn’t want to check this now. Sometimes that works, and a lot of times it doesn’t. I can sometimes feel very jealous of people who “They rest a little longer. Stand up.”

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