8 Plants that do well in full sun

8 Plants that do well in full sun

1. Catnip

Nepeta – commonly known as catnip – is a plant that blooms from May to September. The flowers are often purple, pink or blue and the leaves are gray or green. This plant is very hardy and loves the sun. Catnip also attracts butterflies, bees, and cats (of course). Not all cats are fond of it, but those that are love to eat the tray or lie in it.

2. Yarrow

Achillea (yarrow) is a beautiful plant. The flowers consist of dozens of small flowers that grow on strong branches. The colors of this plant range from white and yellow to pink and purple. Achillea is a true summer bloomer (June to August) and has low soil requirements. As long as they are in the sun.

3. Stockcross

Hibiscus are beautiful flowers that grow against something. It grows thick roots that go deep into the ground, so it can always get water from the ground, even in periods of drought. They bloom from June to October. You can place these roses in full sun, but out of the wind. Read more about growing hibiscus here.

4. Ornamental grasses

There are different types of ornamental grasses, but what they all have in common is that their plumes undulate beautifully in the wind, creating a serene appearance. Please note that not all ornamental grasses are suitable for full sun. Any one? Lamprey grass (Pennisetum), snap grass (Stipa) and diamond grass (Calamagrostis brachytricha).

5. Butterfly bush

The colorful butterfly bush loves sunny locations. Plants with grey/green leaves – just like butterfly bushes – are often suitable for drier soil. The purple color makes it pleasing to the eye. It also attracts many butterflies and bees. The butterfly plant can grow quite large, so keep an eye on it by pruning regularly.

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6. Luminous

How could it be otherwise, with a name like Fire Arrow, for this plant to be so incredibly colorful. This plant comes from Africa, where it is used to tropical temperatures. This is why this plant is perfect for a warm and sunny garden.

7. Lavender

The lavender plant emits a wonderful scent and is frequently visited by bees, bumblebees and butterflies. A real asset to your garden! Another advantage of this plant is that it likes to be in a place with a lot of sunshine in dry, nutritious soil.

8. Coneflower

Coneflower is a stunning plant that blooms a little later than most plants. It is from July to the end of September. But…you can enjoy the flowers for a long time after that. As its name suggests, coneflower likes to be in a sunny location in nutritious, permeable soil.

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